World Phone Internet Services Pvt. Ltd., promoted by T I Investments, a US corporation, is Category "A" Internet Telephony Services Provider (ITSP). Bringing you the best in Internet Telephony Solutions for your home, we make sure you don't lose touch with your loved ones living abroad. The varied and user-friendly features with rates that go easy on your pocket makes it the perfect choice to stay connected with family and friends residing outside India.

  World Phone Salient Features  
  • Free Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • Free Soft / Web Phone
  • Free Voice Mail
  • Free Voice Mail delivery to your email
  • Free 3-Way Calling
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free Simultaneous Ring
  • Free Caller ID / Repeat Dialling and Call Return
  • Virtual Conference with up to 20 guests (optional)
  • Additional Virtual Number (optional)

Ease of use

Just pick your phone and dial. It is as simple as using any landline phone. You only need to get a broadband and hook it up with the phone adapter. Connect your telephone to the adapter and you are ready to call the world without any hassles.